About us

Meet the talented team of people that will make your vision a reality.

Formed in 1991, HVP has become one of the foremost companies for historic and modern renovations in the Hudson Valley and Connecticut. We also offer historic preservation consulting expertise in the areas of architectural history and assessment, preservation planning, restoration and rehabilitation design, and grant writing. Whether your property is new or old, we look forward to hearing your story.



Founder, Managing Partner
Mason founded HVP in 1991 with a vision of integrating assessment, design and building knowledge while maintaining close client relations and communication. After obtaining a degree from Duke University, he apprenticed as a restoration craftsman with the National Trust for Historic Preservation. His passion for quality construction and historic preservation has been critical for HVP’s award winning recognition along with his combined knowledge of architecture, engineering, traditional trades and history gained from nearly 40 years of experience with old and new buildings. Mason brings a unique approach to every project by acquiring a thorough understanding of the existing conditions of a structure and can visualize the future potential embodied within.


Partner, Design to Production Coordinator
Dave came to HVP in 1996 as a high-energy, detail-oriented craftsman and a creative problem-solver. He graduated from college with a degree in Geology but found his passion was in building. He is a skilled project manager and is particularly good at figuring out the best way to build a design – using the right materials and techniques for the job. He has the unique ability to juggle inevitable changing variables to keep the project rolling along smoothly. He skillfully balances the needs of client, design team, contractors, and construction crew and he is HVP’s secret weapon in completing building projects on time, while managing financial expectations for all parties – especially the homeowner.


Lead Carpenter

Ian is a 2005 graduate of the Southeast Wisconsin Carpentry Training Center and the Associated General Contractors of America Supervisory Training Program. After relocating to the northeast from Wisconsin in 2007 Ian has completed projects that range from hospital operating rooms and environmental remediation on the commercial side of the trade to historical restorations, renovations and custom woodworking on the residential side. He is an active member of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers and is dedicated to preserving and teaching the historical traditions of the carpentry trade.


Carpenter Apprentice
Experienced in excavation, precast concrete, project management and snowmaking, Robert understands jobs holistically. Having the foundations of construction now under his belt, he is ready to begin his journey from “industrial athlete” to “carpenter apprentice.” With the dream of managing projects he is ready to adapt and overcome the challenges of any job. In his spare time he enjoys the thrills of life by skiing, climbing, and kayaking with his Border Collie-Great Pyrenees, Kingston.


Client Liaison & Office Manager
A graduate of Southern CT with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish/Economics, Dorothy joined HVP in 2010. Her experience as a customer support professional in the design, architectural, contract and landscape industries, as well as with fabrication and appliance suppliers, helps translate your ideas into reality. From first contact, her passion for design and attention to detail will keep your project on track. Dorothy’s financial and organizational skills, when not assisting clients, supports the office; together which, make sure your project meets your expectations.


Office Administration
A 1992 graduate of Georgian College of Applied Arts & Technology majoring in Business Marketing, Nancy grew up in Canada and worked in marketing, accounting and public relations before moving to the U.S. Since then, she has held positions in financial management and customer service. When not spending time with her young family, Nancy can be found working on the restoration of her century-old home, or giving back to our local communities by working with non-profits.


Residential Remodeling and Custom Home Designer
Joe has specialized in residential remodeling and custom home design for over twenty years. With his practical experience integrating design solutions and real world building methods (including green construction) he is key in helping clients manage remodeling issues while meeting their design expectations. He uses three-dimensional software that allows homeowners to visualize how their ideas will impact building and financial considerations before construction gets underway and promotes full participation by all parties. 


Since we are only as good as the people we work with, we have over time carefully assembled a group of contractors, consultants, and suppliers whose professionalism and expertise we rely on for specialized knowledge in important areas like heating, air conditioning, lighting, plumbing, or preservation services like house histories. These professionals are critical in both the design and execution of a successful project. We work together to ensure that your project is given the attention it deserves every step of the way.