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Working With Us

At Hudson Valley Preservation we aren’t just blasting it out: We are designing, building, and renovating while passionately caring about community and craft through mentoring, leading, stewardship, and thoughtful building.

Value Alignment

The design/build journey starts with an inspiration and is brought to life by our team of artisans and craftspeople who provide our clients with an enjoyable project process which is innovative, collaborative, and mutually aligned.


We artfully guide our clients through the design and pre-construction phase, establishing their vision, scope, budget, schedule, and assessing project feasibility and fit. Our ‘X-ray’ approach and ability to sleuth out solutions to challenges in historical and modern projects while focusing on high functionality, and high performance allows us to prioritize the wellbeing of our clients, our team, and our environment.


Consistent, forthcoming, and honest communication is the foundation of trust. From the beginning Hudson Valley Preservation embeds clear communication into our process with weekly progress reports, monthly budget discussions, and a simple concept of ‘Understand before proceeding’.