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Draft free at last!

This 18th century antique house in Dutchess County, flanked by later additions, was ready for repairs, updates, and paint. Over the years, the rear of the house had experienced severe rot issues. We removed most of the siding, repaired the structural rot, rebuilt parts of the foundation, insulated walls, and installed new windows and siding.

Inside, the old floor was severely out of level. HVP’s carpenters were able to seamlessly blend in a new kitchen and built-in hutch. And our painters turned the worn, old floor, into an art piece!

Read lead carpenter Ian Schwandt’s article in the Journal of Light Construction, on his work with this house, “Blending in a Crooked Dormer”: READ ARTICLE

One of our favorite things in the world is coming across people — whether they be chefs, or writers, or teachers, or doctors — who do their work to a standard that you can tell comes from an inner sense of how things ought to be done. Never a consideration of “what can we get away with here” or “how much will this bring in for us”; just excellent work, done because that’s what your standards demand. You guys have somehow put together an entire company of people like that.” – Ben & Elyse, Stanfordville, NY